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No, it's actually better than that. For the US, just producing toilet paper with bamboo would save 3,524 sq mi of forest. Bamboo can be harvested every 5 weeks while trees take 40 years to harvest.* Toilet paper represents about half the tissue products produced so the forest savings would be more like 7,000 sq mi.

*The often quoted 27,000 trees per day producing toilet paper translates to 57,000 acres per year. A sustainable plot of land for a 40 year growth cycle is 3,560sq miles.
Since bamboo is renewable every 5 weeks, a 36sq mile area would suffice.

There is no reason why the US could not be producing tissue from bamboo. We should do it and it would lack the overseas shipping expense. It's really a matter of corporations seeing demand and finding the will to farm and manufacture here.


When you subscribe or purchase products from Divvyback you are reducing demand for tree sourced tissue products and increasing demand for bamboo sourced products. We amplify this market signal by donating 50% of profits to worthy environmental causes.

We do not advertise or manipulate SEO search.

We depend on your good will and word of mouth. Advertising is expensive and takes needed funds away from the organizations that all of us want to support. 


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