Beverage napkins

Beverage napkins

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Beverage napkins made of bamboo and sugarcane (1 ply). 1000ct/pack (4 packs equals a case)

  • 900 million trees are harvested each year for paper alone.
  • 100% Tree Free paper.
  • No fragrances, dyes, corn or wheat.
  • Whitened with an alternative to bleach.

Green2 Tree Free paper products are a breakthrough in sustainability with a positive impact on earth without sacrificing quality. Green2 Tree Free paper products are a favorite among consumers and businesses who care for the environment and want to live responsibly.

You'll find these paper products are soft, absorbent, affordable, septic safe and whitened with hydrogen peroxide – a natural alternative to bleach. Hypo-Allergenic - no dyes, lotions, fragrances, corn, wheat or glue added!

Premium tissue made in the USA. 

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